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Protect yourself from germs with Zylast

Zylast Infographic
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With new developments of the MERS Virus (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) popping up everyday and the scary news of E. coli and MRSA strains surviving for days on planes it's important to take the necessary measures in order to protect yourself. Zylast is a new hand sanitizer that kills germs on contact, but is also persistent for six hours – unlike Purell and others that stop working after 15 seconds when they dry. The Zylast products are more than 100 times more effective against Norovirus (stomach bug) than Purell. It’s also more effective against Influenza and Rhinovirus (common cold).

Zylast is ideal for traveling this summer, at the office and the gym! From HPV to Candida you can find a number of germs lurking within your local gym! Always wipe down your equipment before and after your workout. Having one of the products below on hand might be a good idea too!

These products come in travel size ideal for gym bags:

  • Antiseptic Lotion: Water-based and formulated with high-end emollients and skin-care products, the Antiseptic Lotion feels luxurious on the skin while providing rapid, broad-spectrum kill and persistent protection from germs.
  • Foaming Hand Soap: The soap is built around patented Zylast technology, not only killing on contact but providing persistent protection for six hours, without the harsh feel soaps have, or the health risks of triclosan-based products.
  • Antiseptic: The Antiseptic is alcohol-based and compliant with CDC recommendations for hospitals, but provides persistent protection for six hours without skin irritation, as proved by independent lab testing.

Dr. Colette Cozean, CEO, Zylast shares the story behind the creation of Zylast:

“For many people, knowing how to protect themselves from illness can be almost as challenging as avoiding germs in the first place. Although soaps and hand sanitizers are effective in cleaning your hands of most germs, they do have significant limitations in killing germs and can dry the skin. Zylast was developed out of a father’s need to protect his son, who suffered from a chronic illness and whose hands were so dry from using hand sanitizers, that they were chapped and bleeding. Zylastnot only protects better than other sanitizers, but it also moisturizes the hands. Zylast kill germs on contact, but is persistent for six hours, unlike alcohol-based sanitizers that stop working after 15 seconds. And unlike alcohol sanitizers, it’s effective against the common cold, flu and Norovirus. Zylast has been shown in large clinical studies to significantly reduce illnesses in schools and hospitals.”

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