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Protect yourself from colds and flu


Protact yourself from cold and flu bugs!

An article in the October 26th issue of First for Women Magazine lists these great ideas for boosting the body's immunity against colds and flu.

1.Spritz with saline. One study showed subjects lowered their risks of catching a bug by 41% by using a nasal saline spray twice a day. To make your own, mix 1 t of kosher salt with one pint of water and transfer to a nasal spray bottle.
2.Pass the mustard! Not only is it lower in calories and fat than mayo, but mustard contains turmeric, a super anti oxidant that helps boost the the body's rank of white blood cells by speeding the rate at which they divide.
3.Keep your feet warm! A study in the UK showed volunteers whose feet were chilled for just 20 minutes were 3 times more likely to catch a cold with the week following the experiment. “When a person's feet are cold” explains study author Ronald Eccles, Ph. D. the “blood vessels constrict in the sinuses. This reduces the circulation of immune cells to the nasal epithelium where they're needed to fight off invading viruses.” If you need to dress up for your job and can't wear fuzzy, warm socks, try warm knit tights or lined boots.
4.Don't stay home and hide. While it would seem logical to avoid being around groups of people during cold and flu season, especially a friend with the sniffles, studies show that women who regularly spend time with friends are four times less likely to get sick. “Strong nurturing friendships improve immunity by squelching the body's output of cortisol, a stress hormone that interferes with the immune system's production of white blood cells and antibodies.” Avoiding stress, not friends, will help keep you not just healthy, but thinner as well.
5.Avoid sugary snacks. It should go without saying that eating healthy will help keep you healthy but sugar in particular should be avoided as elevated blood sugar levels disrupts the macrophages, large white blood cells that engulf viruses and bacteria. The natural sweetener Stevia is the suggested alternative since it's steviol and isosteviol compounds actually enhance the ability of muscle cells to absorb glucose.
6.Avoid trans fats, which you should be doing already. Trans fats are reported to reduce the effectiveness of virus fighting B cells. Use coconut oil as a substitute since it's medium chain fatty acids are anti viral, anti fungal and anti bacterial.
7.Take a high quality multi vitamin! Studies show that taking a multi vitamin can boost immunity by 76% helping the average person avoid 17 sick days annually.