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Protect your pets as the chill of spring arrives

It is the beginning of March and already there is the feel of spring in the air. On any given day the temperature can rise into the 60s and even the 70s. There must still be caution. While one day can be so warm, the following day may be freezing again.

Dogs in snow
Dogs in snow
Photobean from flickr
Major storm moves towards east coast
Photo by NASA/Getty Images

What does this mean for your dog? You need to stay vigilant of the weather conditions. Especially if your pet is an outside animal. A day left out in the freezing temperatures can cause serious physical damage, even death for the dog that is so precious.

The best bet is to check the temperature on the nightly news, especially if the animal may be left out overnight. If just left out during the day, catch the morning weather or the weather channel, which will provide an accurate forecast for that day and the following few days.
Many of your local TV stations also provide mobile applications for your devices which allow for up-to-date weather monitoring.

As this is being written, Raleigh, NC, is displaying a Winter Weather Advisory in effect from noon today until midnight EST. This spells caution for pet owners. There are also many parts of the country still covered with or expecting snow. Follow those weather reports.

Your pet is an important family member and should be treated accordingly based on weather conditions for your area. Please show them the love they deserve.

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