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Protect your pets as it warms up outside

Many people have pets that spend a lot of time outdoors, and this can mean the summer and warm months can pose a danger. People who have pets outside need to make sure that their animals have access to plenty of shade, water, and food, and that their pets aren't placed in areas where they can suffer from sunburn, heat stroke, and other dangerous elements related to warmer weather.

Many pets, like rabbits, chickens, and young puppies and kittens, are more susceptible to the heat than older animals or different species of pets. These pets need to have proper ventilation and ample shade so they aren't left in direct heat. Panting, lethargy, laying down in a limp fashion, and not responding to touch or noise are signs that heat stroke is prevalent, and these animals (and all pets suffering from the heat) need to be moved into cooler temperatures and monitored for their health.

Just because shade is provided doesn't mean that pets are always cool, either. It's important that a breeze or fan is provided as well as cool water (lots of it) to help an animal and pet stay cool during the weather as it warms up. After all, the warmer the weather, the more precautions anyone has to take, and the same can be said for our furry friends!

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