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Protect your identity from the latest retail security breach

Since another major retailer has announced a security breach over the weekend more consumers are trying to figure out just how to keep their credit and identity safe from hackers. With over 80 million people said to be victimized to date, it’s best to try and be as cautious as possible.

Protect your identity from fraud and retail theft
Protect your identity from fraud and retail theftLifeLock

The demand for identity theft protection has never been higher than it has right now. You can opt to receive a free 30-day of LifeLock services with the option of a 10% discount off of your final purchase if you decide to continue.

Target has offer their customers free credit monitoring for a year and while this is free some customers still don’t feel comfortable with the offer.

The best way to stay safe is to log on to your credit card and bank accounts daily if possible and check your statements for any errors or strange looking transactions. Also, once a year check your credit report for free at .

Once you have received your credit report from annual credit report be sure and review it carefully. If you are married make sure to have a credit report run separately for both you and your spouse as credit fraud is based on the individual and not a couple.

LifeLock will help you keep your identities safe my monitoring your credit, providing lost wallet protection, address monitoring to make sure no one changes your address or provides to unwilling sources, and gives you Internet monitoring.

The service at LifeLock will alert you whenever they detect your personal information being used to apply for wireless services, retail credit, utilities, and mortgage loans within their extensive network.

If you do become a victim while using the LifeLock services they will spend up to 1 million dollars to hire experts to help you in your recovery.

To learn more about identify theft, enroll in the free 30-day trial, or find out what to do in case you are a victim check out the information, articles and advice on the LifeLock Web site.

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