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Protect what and who you love with Tech21

Tech21 shields can take an "impact"
Tech21 shields can take an "impact"

It's Valentine's Day.

Chances are you love your smartphone and tablet, but chances also are you love your significant other who also owns a smartphone and/or tablet.

Why not protect what you and he/she loves most with a great case or high tech screen protector from Tech21.

Tech21 is one of my favorite companies and their products not only make a great Valentine's Day gift, but a great gift any time of the year. Remember Mother's, Father's and Graduation Days are coming up.

Tech21 is the ultimate in protection for your devices- they use the most advanced, tested, and scientifically proven materials on earth.

Your screen is the most important part of your smartphone or tablet, yet sadly most people don't protect it.

Tech21's Impact Shield Self-Heal Screen Protector has layers of protection- all in one screen protector. It is made with a BASF Impact Absorbtion Polymer- the kind that is used in bullet-proof glass. It might be the most advanced screen protector I've tried.

You can also opt for a Tech21 case. Great colors and materials that are not only lightweight, but strong and durable.

Impact Band

A classic design that has a removable backplate and provides easy access to all your buttons. No bulk, it's lightweight and easy to put on.

Impact Mesh

A transparent shell that does it's job. Advanced design and D3O® impact material make this one of the best-looking and high tech cases on the market. I wouldn't expect anything less from Tech21, and neither should you.

Show some love, and get over to to see what you need.

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