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Protect Salon Colored Hair with Klorane Shampoo with Pomegranate

Protect Salon Colored Hair with Klorane with Pomegranate
Protect Salon Colored Hair with Klorane with Pomegranate

If your hair is highlighted, colored or permed you will love Klorane's new Shampoo with Pomegranate.

I recently discovered Klorane on a recent shopping trip. I have been looking for a new shampoo to protect my highlighted locks, and have been trying to find the healthiest shampoo on the market that contains the fewest chemicals and is made from natural ingredients. Now, I have always heard about Klorane, the famous French Shampoo from friends who say it is a must have product when shopping at City Pharma when in France.

Klorane has been around since 1965 and relies upon only the use of natural plant ingredients for their formulas; which is great for those of us looking for a natural alternative in our shampoo.

So, when I found the Pomegranate shampoo to protect my color, I was hopeful but didn't know what to expect. What I can tell you is that I love this shampoo. You see this product is loaded with Pomegranate extract which helps repair hair fibres and keeps hair color radiant and shiny so your color can be more brilliant and last longer.

I also discovered Pomegranate is known for protecting against progressive color fading and loss of radiance and with the Pomegranate extract hair color retains its intensity and shine. The shampoo also contains a cleansing base that is enriched with regenerative agents so that hair remains soft, silky and easy to style. The formula doesn't contain a strong scent and is also Hypoallergenic. Even better news is a little bit of product goes a long way.

So I have found a new shampoo and a new product line that I love.

Klorane also has a wide array of other haircare products that are geared for specialty hair conditions including: Fine, Oily, Thinning, Irritated, Gentle, Dry, Dull, Blonde and Silver Hair; so there is a product for every hair type.

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