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Protect pets from wire hazards

Protect your pets from electric shock.
Protect your pets from electric shock.

Protecting household wires from pet cats or dogs is very important for pricey electronics, and especially for the animals. Wires from lamps, computers, video equipment, appliances, and all electric items present many dangers to your pet. There are many simple precautions pet owners can take to avoid the risk of a beloved pet being harmed by household wires.

Keep Wires Out of Reach
Protecting wires from a cat or dog can be as simple as keeping the wires off the floor and out of a pet’s reach. One easy solution is to use adhesive-backed cord clips for attaching wires to furniture or wall surfaces. These cord clips are available in different sizes and are ideal for phone cords, lamp cords, and even computer cords.
For hiding wires in a home office, use a concealed surge protector to keep the wires from becoming a distraction to your pets. It not only keeps your computer wires and phone wires out of sight, but also provides surge protection in case of a power surge or lightning strike.

Enclose cables in tubes or conduits to protect them from the cat or dog. If the cables are too large for these products, consider using a raceway. The raceway is easy to install and looks very professional.

Avoid Exposing Long Wires to Your Pet
For hiding excess wires coming from the phone, computer mouse, or even dangling from window blinds, use the Cable Turtle. It provides protection for wires from your cat or dog by letting you tuck the wires away neatly in a shell. The product is available in different sizes and various colors.

The cable winder is designed to shorten the length of your wires to protect them from your curious cat. The product is easy to install and can be mounted anywhere.

Eliminate the Problem of Pets Chewing on Wires
There are numerous products on the market today that are made for covering household wires to keep your pet from chewing on them. An inexpensive and convenient product to protect your wires is the split wire loom.

If you have no other choice but to run a wire across a floor in the open, there are cord covers for hiding and protecting wires from your cat or dog. These covers will not only keep your pet from chewing on your wires, but will also keep your floors safe and clear from any tripping hazards.

Cover any wires that are accessible to your small pet with spiral cable wrap. The wrap will keep your wires tightly bundled and also protect them from any pet chewing.

The Cable Corral is one great product made by Made from recycled steel and made in the USA. The rectangular steel mesh box is roomy enough to enclose power strips, surge protectors and transformers from computers and other electronics. The mesh design allows plenty of ventilation while keeping pet paws and teeth safely away.
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