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'Protect our children': Cities, states and feds seek to outlaw 'vaping'

"Forget about secondhand smoke or secondhand vapor. Worry more about secondhand stupidity" - Greg Gutfeld

Flickr - public domain.

Many of America's largest, and overwhelmingly Democrat controlled, cities have outlawed publicly "vaping" e-cigarette, while more than a few Senate Democrats are looking placing certain nationwide bans on advertising them to "protect our children,"as reported by CNN via KMTV news (of Twin Falls, ID) on Mar. 6, 2014, and The Philadelphia Inquirer on Mar. 5, 2014, The Washington Free Beacon on Feb. 26, 2014, and Fox News of Feb. 5, 2014.

New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and the entire state of New Jersey have placed one sort of ban or another on the water vapor-based nicotine delivery system popularly known as "e-cigarettes" or "vaping."

Meanwhile in the US Senate, many of the better known legislators affiliated with the Donkey Party have thrown their considerable political heft behind a federal ban on the makers of e-cigs from targeting children.

Senators Barbara Boxer (CA), Dick Durbin (IL), Tom Harkin (IA), Richard Blumenthal (CN), and Edward Markey (MA) introduced the banning bill to "protect children" from the faux-smokes.

The other side of the coin ...

Perhaps the loudest of the proponents of e-cigarettes is pundit Greg Gutfeld of Fox News, who has made a point of noting that there is no scientific proof of the exhaled vapor containing anything other than water vapor.

As the San Francisco Bay Area native recently opined:

They're concerned that others might be exposed to vapor.

Water vapor.

Yes, people who accuse the right of being anti-science are terrified by a substance found in fog.

But I guess they should also ban nicotine gum too which, like e-cigs, are non-tobacco delivery systems that replace deadly smoking.

These morons claim it's all about promoting health, but they're too dumb to see e-cigs are doing exactly that. I haven't had a real smoke in months thanks to e-cigs. Ban them and people will smoke the real thing.

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