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Protect Magic Band or Fitbit with Bitbelt: Keeps band and bling safe and sound

The Bitbelt keeps wrist straps like Magic Bands and Fitbits safe.
The Bitbelt keeps wrist straps like Magic Bands and Fitbits safe.
Barb Nefer

I'm a huge Fitbit fan, and I never went anywhere without my Flex...that is, until I lost it. Somehow the clasp came undone, and I have no idea where it fell off my wrist. I still haven't replaced it, as they're pricey little buggers, but it made me a bit paranoid when I got my Magic Band shortly thereafter.

If you love Walt Disney World, you know what Magic Bands are all about. You wear your band, and it lets you do things like get into the park and enter the FastPass+ line when your pre-selected times come up. If you're an onsite guest rather than a day guest like me, you can do even more with it, like make purchases.

Not only are Magic Bands useful, but they're also a fashion statement for many. They come in multiple colors, and you can buy covers and accessories to bling them out. My own Magic Band is even more special than most, as it's a bit of media event memorabilia printed with Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Thus, unlike a Fitbit, it would be irreplaceable if I lost it.

Enter the Bitbelt, a handy dandy little trinket that keeps your Magic Bands and wrist-worn Fitbits safe. Click the slideshow accompanying this article to see what the Bitbelt looks like and how it fits on your Magic Band. It's very simple to put on, and it keeps the band secure through miles of walking through the park and rides that jostle you around, like Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and Big Thunder Mountain. It's also water proof, so don't worry about those infamous summer rainstorms when you're wearing it. It won't be any worse for the wear.

I had the opportunity to try out the Bitbelt on my precious Seven Dwarfs Magic Band. It felt nice and secure once I fastened the band and slipped it into place. It fit well, even with all the bling I like to have on my band, and it kept the band secure through a long day in the park that included multiple rides and lots of movement. Now that I see how well it works, I think I might dare to get another Fitbit Flex. As long as I remember to secure it with a Bitbelt, I should be virtually immune from losing it. I love to wear the Flex to the other theme parks to track my steps, and now I won't have to worry about losing it again even on intense rides like my beloved SheiKra and Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa.

I also made a fun discovery when I was in pitch blackness on the Tower of Terror: some of the colors glow in the dark! I had chosen Ice Blue to offset my band's gray, and I noticed it's cute little glow below in the dark. The Clear and Lime Green colors glow, too, and you can also get a purple Bitbelt with gold glitter if you like to be splashy. Other colors include red, orange, blue, black, yellow, gray. and camo.

You can order your Bitbelts on the official website here. They come in different sizes, depending on whether you want one for your Magic Band or a Fitbit Force or Flex or other fitness device, and you can choose a color that coordinates with your band.

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