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Protect Florida springs for future generations

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has named April as Springs Protection Awareness Month. Florida's natural springs are essential to the environment, economy and residents.

In addition to the DEP's designation, several Water Management District governing boards have passed proclamations supporting Springs Protection Awareness Month and the Florida House adopted a resolution declaring April as Springs Protection Awareness Month.

“Florida’s springs are one of our most fascinating geological treasures," said DEP Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard Jr. in a recent DEP press release, “The health of Florida’s many springs is directly related to our actions, and this month is dedicated to encouraging residents and visitors to help conserve our springs.”

The Florida Park Service installed new interpretative kiosks at parks where freshwater springs are located to educated park guests about the threats to spring health - groundwater pollution, erosion and invasive plants.

The DEP offers these guidelines for homeowners to reduce the impact their actions have on Florida's hundreds of artesian springs:

  • Landscaping and lawn care - don't over-fertilize, don't over-water, utilize water conservation methods such as rain barrels
  • Indoor Water use - install aerators on household faucets to slow water flow, re-use dish or bath water to water plants, properly maintain septic tanks and drain fields
  • Spring visitors - avoid trampling underwater plants and/or stirring sediments when enjoying water activities at springs, dispose of trash properly, obey posted signs and stay on trails or boardwalks

Central Florida families will be visiting the many parks in the area with springs over the summer months and enjoying the refreshingly cool water they provide from under the ground. The recreational opportunities the springs offer are only a small part of their importance to the state. The water supply is dependent upon the aquifer, as well as the many native plants and wildlife dependent upon the spring environments for survival.

During April recognize and respect Florida's natural springs for the important role they play in the state. For more information about Florida's springs visit the DEP website.

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