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Prospect Hill wins High Times music award, gets pulled over by police

Video: Adam Fithian of Prospect Hill comments on the band's latest accomplishments and travails. Winning a High Times Doobies music award, the Boston Freedom Rally, opening for Korn for a 2nd time, California legalization, and getting pulled over by police in Missouri.

Adam Fithian of Prospect Hill reads High Times. photo.

"This years Boston Freedom Rally, ah, September can't come fast enough. This year is going to be amazing. Better than last year and last year was 50,000 strong."

On getting pulled over in Missouri.

"We got by by the skin of our teeth, it was sketchy."

On winning the High Times Doobies award.

"It was nice to win an award presented by High Times that you can actually smoke out of, that doesn't happen to often, so we definitely lucked out."

More video from the night with Prospect Hill taking the Azama Grill taste test and talking about opening for Korn for the 2nd time.

Several things likely brought High Times to award Prospect Hill the Doobie for the "Best National Underground Act". Besides their music who couldn't notice that Prospect Hill has brought female fans out for marijuana reform, headlining two of the biggest Boston Freedom Rallies in decades (2008-2009), and their work to limit bad marijuana ordinances with several front page newspaper stories moved the Mayor and City Council in their hometown of Methuen, MA.

Prospect Hill with Onyx on Friday Night, Sept. 17th for MassCann/NORML Awards, Middle East Downstairs, Cambride, MA and the next day on the Boston Common at HIGH NOON for the 21st Annual Boston Freedom Rally.


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