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Prosecco is the leading sparkling wine variety in the US


Rapidly growing Prosecco wines provide a wonderful taste
La Marca

The name alone conjures up images of Italy… foothills, plains and most of all, vineyards. What most wine aficionados do not recognize is how big (read popular) the variety actually is.

Over the past three years, Prosecco is the fastest growing sparkling wine in the United States. Typically lighter than champagne or other sparkling wines, it is a wine which is drinkable at any time of the day. Prosecco, known as a Premium Sparkling wine, highlights the popularity and growth of the Italian influence in this market. Currently, Prosecco accounts for approximately 85% of the Premium Sparkling wines sold in the United States.

Many of the better Prosecco wines are coming from Treviso. Treviso is considered to be the hub of the Prosecco production and with its mild climate is able to produce quality juice to maintain a continuity of classic Proseccos year after year.

Prosecco wines are typically dry, or even extra dry. And since they are usually quite light, they are popular for many occasions. Often thought as a wine for wedding toasts, in reality Prosecco has become a wine for all occasions.

The foundation for Prosecco wines is the Glera grape (now often referred to as the “Prosecco” grape). While many people assume that Prosecco is just like champagne, the reality is that they are significantly different in two distinct ways. First, the secondary fermentation of Prosecco is in stainless steel tanks. This allows for it to be produced with less expense when compared to champagnes.

Secondly, unlike champagne, Prosecco is best when consumed within three years of its vintage. It does not age well in the bottle and should be served chilled and young.

One of the best examples of Prosecco is the La Marca Prosecco. Clean, light and easy to drink, it is at the forefront of Prosecco’s popularity in the United States, with a significant portion of the Prosecco market going to this popular label.

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