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Pros and Cons of Glass Fencing

The decision to choose glass fencing is often based on its attractive and sophisticated appearance. But before you finalise this decision, you should consider the pros and cons of glass fencing, which are detailed in this article.


The Attractive Appearance

As mentioned, people are often drawn to the attractive appearance of glass fencing in comparison to other common materials such as wood, aluminium or mesh fences. You have the choice of either using frameless or semi-frameless glass fencing, which gives you more freedom of choice over its appearance.

Capability to Watch the Pool

Due to the lack of view obstruction provided by glass, you can feel at ease because you will be able to see the pool from the house and outside the pool area. This increases your convenience, as you will be able to supervise people who are swimming, including your children.


Glass fencing is one of the most durable materials. It is capable of withstanding extreme changes in temperature and shocks when doors are slammed. Glass fencing is usually installed with toughened safety glass, which is a very strong type of glass. However, if it does break, it crushes into small granular chunks rather than shattering into dangerous shards.

Resistance to Chemical Corrosion

Other building materials are not as resistant to chemical corrosion that is common around chlorinated swimming pools. Glass fencing will not age and decay as fast.


More Expensive

Relative to using other materials, glass fencing is usually more expensive.


All types of fencing should be cleaned regularly for warranty and make the fence last many years longer

One big drawback of glass fencing is the need to constantly maintain it. Dirt has to be removed as soon as it appears and the fence must be gently cleaned regularly. If you fail to do so, mould can accumulate and your glass fence will be more prone to breaking or cracking.


Although glass fencing is strong, scratches are not uncommon. This makes careful maintenance and cleaning absolutely vital. Soft washing cloths and mild cleaning products should be applied to glass fencing.

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