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Proposition 8 stands - Would California's rule affect your dating life?


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The facts per Today, California's highest court upheld a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriages.  And, 18,000 unions performed before the ban will remain valid.

 What is Proposition 8?

November ballot initiative which bans same-sex marriage in California, faced a constitutionality test but was upheld.

The "Terminator's" response:

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says "While I believe that one day either the people or courts will recognize gay marriage, as governor of California, I will uphold the decision of the California Supreme Court". excerpt:  The state justices left unaddressed whether same-sex marriages performed in other states before the ban was adopted would be recognized in California, and advocates would have to argue that the measure violated their rights under the U.S. Constitution for the federal high court to take up the case.

State breakdown:

*Four states -- Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and Iowa -- currently allow same-sex marriages.

*A Vermont law making such marriages legal will take effect in September.

*And the District of Columbia voted May 5 to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, though it does not itself give marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

*In April, New York Gov. David Paterson introduced legislation to make same-sex marriage legal in his state.

*Both New Hampshire's House and its Senate already had approved allowing gay couples to marry.

Victory Waters has questions:

  1. To the social media universe, what does this mean for you and your state?  Do you think Proposition 8 will get the ball rolling to abolish same-sex marriages in Connecticut, etc?
  2. If you are gay, does this deter your hope of one day being married?
  3. Should all true love result in marriage?  And does this change the dating game at all within the gay community?

Let's hear what you think!

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