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Proposition 45 is not the answer

Proposition 45 must be rejected by the voters here in California, and here are the reasons why:

The same group of people who were telling you that The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), would save each family up to $2,500 per year, and that you could keep your current doctor which did not happen, are the same group of people who are now telling you that Proposition 45 is actually the answer to rising health care cost.

We are being told that if the current California Insurance Commissioner is fully invested with the powers that Proposition 45 would give to him, then he could reject what he believed to be unnecessarily high health insurance premium rate increases.

What we are not being told is that the current Insurance Commissioner has been taking campaign contributions from attorney firms which claim as their clients some of the largest insurance companies in this state and country. This situation I believe will create a real conflict of interest when the request for rate increases are reviewed by the Commissioner, if Proposition 45 should pass.

We are also not being told that one of the greatest methods for control of the price of any product is simply not to buy it. I personally have come to believe that if each member of an HMO in this country were allowed to purchase their own health insurance at the best price possible, prices would immediately begin to come down.

I for one am tired of being told that a total stranger holding an elective office in Sacramento wants to put more money in my pocket. When that same elective official advised me about Obamacare, that if it was put into effect and I could not afford the premiums, that money would be made available through the government.

Where do you think they will get that extra money for the premiums I cannot pay? It certainly will not come out of their pockets---it will come from the pockets of every working person in the form of higher taxes.

One of the things I have learned in this world is that you do not get something for nothing. Health care cost would decrease if the price setting was taken away from these huge HMO’s and government officials and put back into the hands of the people who pay the premiums to buy the product. We are the individuals who should be setting the prices by purchasing the best product for the best price.

Proposition 45 is nothing more than an attempt by the controlling arm of government to achieve more control through propaganda of the worst type. They create the anxiety in us by saying that if something is not done to control prices that they will continue to spiral out of control, and then they tell you they have the answer. Proposition 45 is not the answer, you and I are the answer.

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