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Proposed project could bring 2,000 manufacturing jobs to Barstow

Last night the Barstow City Council unanimously approved an exclusive negotiating agreement with Scuderia Development to locate a state of the art secondary aluminum manufacturing and logistics facility in Barstow. If built, the facility would bring 2,000 highly skilled manufacturing jobs to the high desert.

Looking from Barstow's Historic Harvey House towards the rail yard.
Sharon Gilbert

Scuderia Development estimates its capital investment will be $1.5 billion. “This is the right time to bring manufacturing back into the State, to bring jobs to the community, and revitalize the region,” stated Scuderia Development CEO Eric Shen.

For the past decade state legislators have chased manufacturing jobs from the state with burdensome regulations. Leaders in states such as Nevada and Texas actively encourage California companies to relocate to avoid the bureaucracy and high taxation schemes, much to the dismay of local leaders who watch almost helplessly as one area after another suffers grave economic consequences.

The city of Barstow is in the enviable position of being located at the crossroads of two major interstates as well as two state highway and the iconic Route 66. It is also home to a large rail facility and a short drive from the Southern California Logistics Airport. In recent years leaders have marketed the city as the “Crossroads of Opportunity.” This is the largest project to date their marketing strategy has attracted.

“I am extremely pleased about this venture and the positive economic impacts it will have on our City’s workforce,” stated Mayor Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre. “This facility is poised to be one of the most significant manufacturing and industrial projects in the State of California.”

If the project comes to fruition, Scuderia Development will construct an estimated 2.95 million square foot state-of-the-art secondary aluminum manufacturing facility. The facility will have cast-house, rolling mill, and extrusion mill capabilities

Production at the facility will net about 600,000 metric tons of processed aluminum annually and will include two million square feet of logistics warehouse and a distribution facility. It will be located on 964.75 acres of vacant land located south of the now shuttered Sun and Sky Country Club Golf Course.

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