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Proposed New Mexico horse slaughter plant withdraws application for permits

Over 75% of New Mexico residents are against horse slaughter calling it an inhumane and cruel practice.
Liz Lamont

It doesn't look like any horse slaughter plants are coming back to the United States anytime soon; the attorney for Valley Meat submitted a letter to the New Mexico Environmental Department on Thursday withdrawing the company's application for a required waste water discharge lagoon permit reported the

The last United States slaughterhouse in Illinois closed in 2007.

The owner of Valley Meat, Rick De Los Santos may have given up on his controversial horse slaughter plant in Roswell, New Mexico. According to his attorney, Blair Dunn, the state regulation permit required to discharge blood of slaughtered horses into tanks and lagoons have been withdrawn "and any plans for operating a livestock processing facility at this location at this time" have been cancelled.

Specifically, the discharge permit previously being sought, involved the discharge of up to 8,000 gallons per day of horse processing waste water from the horse slaughterhouse. Citizens were concerned with the potential of ground water contamination including nitrogen compounds.

Over 75% of New Mexicans are opposed to horse slaughter, calling it a cruel practice which inflicts great pain and distress. In addition, American horses are routinely administered known carcinogenic drugs prohibited in the United States to be used on animals killed for human consumption.

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