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Proposed bill to stop Hawaii residents from eating their pets

Bill would make eating your pet illegal in Hawaii

In some countries dining on dog meat is eaten like beef, chicken or pork.

Proposed senate bill 2026 will create laws protecting domesticated pets from being killed and eaten by its owners or poachers, in Hawaii.

According to an April 4, report by Hawaii News Now, Carroll Cox of watch-dog group Envirowatch stated, "I have been in the presence and observed dogs being killed for the purpose of eating, some for commercial purposes. One individual killed 300 dogs in one year," said Cox.

"I've observed them either consuming or purchasing or being part of the preparing dogs for consumption," said Cox. "There is a gentleman I know will not eat any other meat than dog meat. He eats it quite common."

Bill 2026 legislates:

  • ​​​​(1) Prohibit the slaughtering or trafficking of pet animals for human consumption;
  • (2) Includes dogs and cats, whether or not bred for human consumption, in the definition of "pet animals."
  • (3) Cruelty to animals by slaughtering or trafficking any pet animal for human consumption is a misdemeanor.

"We cannot allow cruelty or inhumanity in our country," said Stephanie Ryan, Oahu SPCA.

At the State Capitol animal advocates brought their dogs and testified in support of a bill prohibiting the slaughtering or trafficking of dogs or cats for consumption. Some shared stories of seeing dogs slaughtered in the Moiliili, section of Honolulu.

Reportedly similar efforts to stop the consumption of pets in Hawaii, have failed in the past. Bill 2026 was given an effective date in the year 2100, and is up for debate. Cox stated, if passed this time he worries whether law enforcement will follow through.

Eleven countries around the globe still eat dog meat. They are: China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Arctic and Antarctic and two cantons in Switzerland.

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