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Proponents once again peddle victims to push gun control before SOTU

Anti-gun crowd peddles victim to push gun control
Anti-gun crowd peddles victim to push gun control

Yesterday the Associated Press reported that former Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s will promote gun control in a commercial before and after Obama’s State of the Union address tonight. Once again the anti-gun crowd is pushing legislation against law-abiding citizens based on the lie that background checks aren’t already performed when purchasing a gun. It was despicable that Newtown, CT parents came to New Hampshire to push gun control laws using their dead children last week and now the country has to deal with another anti-gun message by a victim. Their laws wouldn't have stopped these tragedies but that doesn't stop them from pushing new gun control measures. Ironic that today the New Hampshire House Commerce Committee will be voting on HB 1589, another overreaching gun control bill that will only turn law-abiding citizens into criminals.

If they truly want to stop psychotic shooters, they should look to the ACLU and those on the Left who pushed to give the mentally ill more rights than those they could potentially hurt. Families and others of the mentally ill’s hands are tied even when they wish to involuntarily commit them due to dangers. The police’s hands are tied until the mentally ill commit an actual crime. By that time it is often too late. So rather than address the real issues of mental illness, the anti-gun crowd wants to turn law-abiding citizens into criminals by adding more overreaching laws that curb Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights.

So once again the anti-gunner crowd is abusing a victim to push for more gun control. It is beyond reproach they continue to do this. Their laws won’t stop criminals from getting guns nor will they reduce gun crime. Their laws only hurt people who already obey the gun laws that are in place. It’s not about ending gun violence as they claim; it’s about controlling law-abiding citizens from rightfully owning guns. As has been reported over and over again, gun ownership is up in the United States by yet gun crime is down by 40%. It’s time they start being honest with Americans. Their laws won’t stop criminals and they know it but it doesn’t stop them from peddling victims to push gun control.