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Prophetik: From farm to red carpet fashion (interview)

From farm to red carpet fashion
From farm to red carpet fashion
Jeff Garner, Prophetik

When will green, low-impact design begin to dominate the fashion industry? According to Jeff Garner, the man behind the Prophetik fashion label, it already has. When he’s not dressing Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, Cameron Diaz, Rihanna, Taylor Swift or Livia Firth, Garner is hard at work on new Planet Earth-conscious designs at the label’s headquarters in Franklin, Tenn.

Prophetik was recently invited to show at both London Fashion Week and Eco Fashion Week in British Columbia. The collection was based on ornate recycled quilting collected from family and relatives (see slideshow for collection highlights). Fresh out of his show last Friday in Vancouver, Garner reflects on his experience at the young but energetic Eco Fashion Week:

“Beautifully executed with snow, local bluegrass, live opera singer and local young talented models with the city of Vancouver in loving support and 450 in attendance”, stated Garner. “They are very passionate in this new movement of sustainable fashion like a young horse excited to be let loose in the pasture to discover and explore.”

Inspired after seeing Garner’s work at London Fashion Week, Livia Furth, wife of Academy Award Winning Actor Collin Furth, continued her “Green Carpet Challenge” by wearing a gorgeous dress by Prophetik to the Golden Globes. The dress was made from hand-dyed indigo “peace” silk, giving it a light-blue, silver luster.

In addition to celebrity and green-carpet endorsements, the label is now offered through 40 boutiques worldwide, including Fred Segal:

“We recently just opened up our Fred Segal store in Santa Monica, which has been an amazing venture working with retail pioneer Freddie Segal himself and his beautiful daughter Annie Segal”, stated Garner. “It is always a blessing to learn from the wiser.”

Coming from a small, humble community in Tenn., it is no wonder how nature has made its way to the forefront of Garner’s work. His designs are made from organic cotton and corduroy, hemp, flax and “Greenspun”, which comes from recycled bottles, and dyed with paints and herbs from his garden.

“I realized early on when I began actually making production that either I had to stop doing what I loved or find an alternative way for I could never partake in a process that destroyed or polluted what I loved”, Garner noted passionately. “Growing up in the woods in TN allowed me to understand the synergy and sensitivities of nature and became the catalyst to discover more sustainable solutions for fashion design and production.”

To follow Prophetik online, visit there website. If you want to try on some of the Planet Earth-conscious designs, visit the Fred Segal store in Santa Monica or the Prophetik showroom in Malibu.


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