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Prophetic Rewind

I love prophetic words from God. I really do. Our Christian Bible tells us not to despise prophecy. So I don't. I embrace it. It does not deter me when the prophetic word does not come to fruition quickly. It doesn't make me stop believing in the prophetic word if I never see it happen. I do, however, want to share an observation that's been going around my head. I wonder what you might think.

Recently, yet another prophetic word said July would be a breakthrough month. The thought came to me, "Wait, wasn't June supposed to be a breakthrough month, and May?"

So I went on an internet hunt for prophetic words about each month so far in 2014. Sure enough. I found words for each month so far calling them a time of breakthrough. This is a thing that makes me go hmm.

I suppose one could say since I made it through each month, I had six breakthrough months so far. Would God spend a prophecy on just surviving each month?

There would for each of us good things that happened, however, there were also awful things that happened for some of us in a particular month. I suppose one could say surviving the awful things is definitely a breakthrough.

One could say these 'prophecies' were just nice positive thoughts and probably not prophetic at all. I have always been very cautious to say anything like this because I never want to insult Holy Spirit or risk calling someone a false prophet. I don't think it makes a prophet false even if they miss the mark sometimes.

Perhaps the problem is in how we individually define breakthrough. Perhaps the breakthrough happened, but just not to me or for you. It may have happened elsewhere in the Body of Christ and that counts as a win for the prophet.

What I can tell you is this. July begins another month for me of waiting for a breakthrough. If it doesn't happen, I suppose August will be a month of looking for a breakthrough.

I could use a breakthrough, Jesus. Thanks.

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