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Prophecy Alert! Water Becoming Toxic Around the World!

The problems with toxins in the lakes may not be a new concept, but the number of states putting up warnings and advisories for the water in their area is. A record number of states from all across the country are reporting health threats and advisories due to high toxic algae levels. Even places as far away as China are warning people to stay away from the water.

The outbreak of the toxic blue green algae has spurred advisories and lake closing in at least 30 states. This is especially damaging for tourism in the Great Lake States, as these economies rely heavily on the visiting fisherman and tourists during the summer season. The algae has prompted many people to stay home this year. The once bustling beaches and lakes are now considered dead as far as tourism is concerned. Aside from the impact on local economies, the worst news is how dangerous the algae can be to the people and animals who are living in or visiting the area.

This blue green algae gives off a toxin that is similar to cyanide and its effects. Cyanide causes a slow death, as the organs begin to shut down over time after continual ingestion. There is also evidence that these toxins are responsible for causing cancerous tumors which have been on the rise, among residents in lake shore communities, since the algae had first been considered an issue.

As a result, local officials in the Great Lakes region are calling on the Environmental Protection Agency for help in cleaning up the algae from the lakes. But they also know that millions, if not billions would need to be invested in order to tackle the problem. A lot of this money would be given to the farmers to help prevent the runoffs from occurring. But the most disturbing issue is that local officials are not doing anything about the levels of algae that is currently in the drinking water. They claim they are still waiting on guidelines to be set and passed down from the EPA on what safe levels in drinking water are actually supposed to be. Right now they have no way in knowing on what levels are considered safe and need something to compare the levels to. But in the mean time, boil advisories are being put into place all across the region. The only problem is that scientists are saying that boiling the water doesn't actually kill the algae or get rid of the toxins. But to tell residents to not use the water at all may not be an option, and the problem may be much worse then what anyone would be willing to admit.

The algae is said to have been caused by fertilizer runoff from farm lands during spring rains, after the snow melts. The fertilizer as the water warms, feeds the algae and creates a toxin that is similar to cyanide and the concern is that this toxin is in the water that million's of people use everyday for drinking, cooking and bathing, particularly in the great lakes region. But now the algae is spreading to the rivers and streams that are tapped into these lakes that bring fresh water to many other parts of the country. But ocean water and the rivers and streams coming from it are also having the same issues, and in some places, the water is much worse.

The state of Oregon has just recently issued a health advisory for Odell Lake in Klamath County. The advisory states that swallowing or inhaling droplets from the lake can make you sick. They are advising people against boiling, filtering or treating the water, as it is most likely ineffective against this deadly algae. Places like South Hampton New York is also warning people to stay away from the water contaminated with this blue green algae. Swimming, fishing, skiing and even boating are being strongly discouraged.

But Florida is having the worst issues by far, with their water supply. There are two types of algae that the state of Florida has to contend with and both are hazardous. The blue green algae and the red algae called "Red Tide." The difference between them is that blue green algae is fresh water algae affecting inland lakes and "Red Tide" is salt water marine algae affecting coastal beaches.

The algae in Florida has caused many problems and has been growing worse since 2008. The year round warm weather makes perfect growing conditions, closing beaches and causing numerous health concerns. People who went swimming, water skiing or jet skiing in the local lakes or ocean beaches, reported problems with running noses, trouble breathing, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes. Dogs who drink the water are in danger of dying. Even if the water looks clear, after an algae outbreak, the residue is still there and the danger remains.

The algae is also responsible for huge fish die offs along the beaches. The dead fish along with the algae toxin, create a sewage smell that drive away tourists. But this is not the only Issue the residents of Florida is having with their water.

If the algae wasn't enough to keep the tourist away, a new advisory was just posted for a flesh eating bacteria that thrives in warm salt water beaches. The bacteria enters open wounds in the skin when people go into the water and can become deadly. 31 people became sick and 10 people have died so far from this flesh eating bacteria. Despite the warnings, the number of deaths are expected to rise.

The Bible says in the end days, during the hour of tribulation, in the book of Revelation chapter 15 verse 3, that the second angel poured out its bowl on the sea (salt water) and it became as blood, and every living creature in the sea died. The red algae is like blood and it is causing mass fish kills around the world.

Then in verse 3, it says that the third angel poured out its bowl on the rivers and springs (fresh water) and they also became as blood. The blue green algae is a variant of the red algae. These things are all beginning to happen. So could this be the beginning of God's wrath? Is the toxic algae yet another warning from God that the tribulation hour is about to begin?

We are on the verge of perilous times! The Bible says when the water turns blood red, everything in it, or whatever drinks from it, will die. This happens during the time of God's wrath and it is for those people who have not yet chosen Jesus as their Savior. Choose Him now before this trouble begins and He will save you from the hour of trial that is to come. During the hour of trial, the Bible clearly says that there will be no food or water to drink because it will all be contaminated. Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and turn away from those sins and He will save you from that which is about to come. This is his promise found in the Bible in Revelation 3:10. "Because you have kept my command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world to test those who dwell on the earth." Time is running out, the tribulation hour is about to begin, all signs are here of His coming! Don't miss out and be left behind to see what will become of this world. Make the commitment and ask Jesus into your heart today!

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