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Properly feeding a baby


Feed your child the right food.



Properly feeding a baby is important to your baby's health. You should make sure you are correctly feeding your baby. Feeding your baby incorrectly could lead to an unhappy baby.  It can also lead to health and nutrition problems in your child’s future.

Use the right formula: Make sure you are using the correct formula according to your baby's needs. If you are not using the right formula, your baby will let you know. Signs of using the wrong formula are spitting up more than normal and not drinking as much as your baby should be. Contact your doctor to see what kind of formula he suggests. There are many different kinds of formula including formula for sensitive stomachs.

Measure your formula correctly: Use one scoop of formula for every two ounces of water. It is important to measure correctly.

Feed your baby in the right position: Many doctors agree that feeding your baby while he baby is laying flat on their back isn't good as they could choke on their formula. Your baby should be in a reclined position so they can digest their formula.

Burp your baby: Burping your baby will let air escape them and make their bellies feel better after they drink a bottle. Some infants will burp in between their feeding and others will only burp after they have finished their bottle. A burp rag or a bib will be very useful at this point as burping your baby may cause them to spit up.


  • Caryn 5 years ago

    This is excellent advice. I love the advice you gave in the position of the baby. It is so important to hold the baby at a slightly upright position as well as burping the baby. Another excellent article Lindsey.

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