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ProperChannel.Co – Next Step for 'How-To’s'

Next Step for “How-To’s”
Next Step for “How-To’s”

As a kid, the demarcation that signaled the end of Saturday morning cartoons was usually an extended commercial for “fix-it-yourself” manuals from Time-Life Books. Thus, this always indicated that “X-Men (TV series)” had ended and “Home Again with Bob Vila” was about to begin.

Now, as an adult, I wish that I had a single, printed reference for repairing my apartment, but the Internet mostly did away with such a paradigm. While Google searches have become the customary means for finding answers, it can require significant amounts of time to sort through out-of-date information or unsubstantiated accounts.

A new website, ProperChannel.Co, aims to fix all of those potential pitfalls by collecting clearly delineated “how-to’s.” After speaking with the co-founder of Proper Channel, William McCluskey, one is easily persuaded by this endeavor’s novel utilization of flow charts. The aforementioned allows for a clear visualization of the steps necessary to complete a difficult task (e.g., registering to vote, submitting an affidavit of non-use, or just maneuvering through "red tape"). Moreover, if additional details are needed, clicking on a particular box within a flow chart displays links, videos, and/or notes.

While literally anyone can write and/or view a particular procedure, a counter on each page displays the number of times the flow chart did or did not work. ProperChannel.Co is still in the Beta stage of development; yet, I highly encourage others to join the site’s community by reading, voting, and writing new flow charts to guide others through tasks that you have mastered.