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Proper Golf Clothing

proper golf clothing
proper golf clothing
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Many golf courses require their customers to wear the proper clothing while golfing. Not only does it help you get the best out of their game, it helps to distinguish you from others. The basic clothing required is a polo shirt with some nice dress shorts or pants.
Dick's Sporting Goods is a place that has golf accessories. It is important to get things like shoes as well when you are out golfing. The proper grip that golfing shoes supply is needed for a course that is a bit slippery. Some courses might get a little slippery after a hard rain, but some are constantly being watered down.
If you wear regular shoes, you will slip when you are trying to hit the ball. It is not a great experience. Not only will you miss the ball or hit it wrong, you might fall. This could cause an injury to you. The game might end right there. You will be out a lot of money because you cannot finish your game.
The right shoes provide enough grip, but not too much. You do not want to be walking around on the course and ripping it up. This slows down your forward progression and leaves the people behind you in a rut. They will have to play through a ripped up course. Soft spikes are a great accessory that will provide enough grip during the tough times. They will not tear up the course or the golf cart either.
Below is a list of local golf clubs that will be opening soon.

Aldeen Golf Club
Sinnissippi Golf Course
Ingersoll Golf Course
Rockford county club
Golf Shack
Forest Hills Country Club
Mauh-Nah-Tee See Club

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