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Propanc stock surges on potential cancer treatment

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Propanc Health Group Corporation (PPCH), a developmental stage healthcare company based in Australia, recently announced optimism that it may secure patents in the U.S. and Europe for its pancreatic proenzymes (PRP) approach to treating cancer.

Earlier this month, the company shared information regarding the anti-cancer effects of its PRP treatment with Cellular Oncology, a peer-reviewed journal of the International Society for Cellular Oncology.

"We have received queries regarding the anti-cancer effects and mechanism of action of proenzymes, which we published last year in collaboration with our research partners," said CEO James Nathanielsz in a press statement. "Publishing these findings was an important step to gain credibility within the scientific community who recognize the potential of pancreatic proenzymes as a treatment for metastatic cancer."

Stock Price Quadruples

Propanc is making waves in the investment community as shareholders saw the stock price quadruple in the month of May. On May 8, shares of OTC: PPCH traded at 0.10. In less than two weeks, the stock traded north of 0.40 per share.

According to management's presentation in March, PRP has potential utility in a number of clinical situations. First, PRP can form part of a multi-pronged treatment strategy in combination with existing therapeutic interventions in the early stage management of solid tumors.

Secondly, the company's proprietary technology may yield a product that can be administered long-term for patients following the completion of their initial treatment, in order to prevent or delay recurrence of cancer.

Finally, the proenzymes may be used as an agent that reduces the risk of the development of cancer in high-risk patients.

Patent Protection

Propanc, which maintains its headquarters in Melbourne, has received grant status in South Africa. Earlier this month, the company received notification from U.S. and European patent offices that key features of the company's technology are patentable. The U.S. and Europe account for over 60 percent of global pharmaceutical sales.

Outside of the U.S., Europe, and South Africa, Propanc is actively seeking patent protection in Japan, Brazil, China, Mexico, Hong Kong, Israel, Chile, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.