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Prop 8 to a father

I've already written about gay marriage a couple of times. 

Feel free to read my thoughts on the subject here and here.

And since I've already written on the subject I won't re-hash old arguments, pro or con, about gay marriage.  I would like to point out that our system of government is set up on some general ideas, and one of those is that there should not be tyranny of the majority.  That's the reason we have both a House and a Senate, to ensure (at least the appearance of) equal representation.  Ditto the Electoral College.  Ditto judicial review.

No, really, this was kind of a big deal to the founders.  In much the same way the religion wasn't

Terribly, terribly sorry, but it is in fact truth that the founders were products of the Enlightenment and their scratchings were full of decidedly non-theistic ideas about equality and questioning authority and talking back and, in fact, some of their ideas may even have come from the Iroquois who, it should be noted, weren't Christian.  And besides which the 1st Amendment has that separation clause which actually, historically, led to a flourishing of religion in the United States once the church got out of politics.  (Which is why America, with the clause, has more religion than other Western nations without the clause.  Just sayin'.) 

And, ya know, if you want to follow this historical research thing, the founders were largely Unitarian, which is a pretty liberal denomination.  And Ben Franklin was the most famous scientist and philosopher of his day, a celebrity to the rest of the founders, and not a church-goer.  And the pilgrims at Plymouth (1620) were not the first settlement.  That would have been Virginia (1584, permanent after 1607) which was populated with criminals, not Christians.  So we were neither settled, nor founded, Christian.  And religion flourished when it stayed out of politics.

Which all just goes to show that the religious arguments for a Christian nation, and the populist argument for majority rule, don't necessarily apply.  Maybe they still do, but you don't get to just wave your card at the doorman and get inside.

But hey, this is a Fatherhood blog. 

You are probably thinking, hey, how about some fun gay-themed things to share with my kids.

Well, how about these:

  • Beauty and the Beast in the original French, is La Belle et La Bête.  Both feminine.  Hmmm.
  • When the dish ran away with the spoon, after that unfortunate incident with the cow, they wound up in France where they settled as Miss Spoon (la cuillère) and Miss Dish (la plaque).  Again, both feminine.  Again, hmmm.
  • "Beard" is feminine in French.  La barbe.  Like in the 1st season of Glee when Finn joins New Directions and Q, his cheerleader girlfriend, yells at him in the hall that people think he is gay and that she is his beard

That's all for now.  If I find out any more gay things for the kids I will be sure to let you know.


  • Memere 4 years ago

    This country was settled on equality of all mankind. Of course they didn't mention that it was man-kind they were talking about. Everyone has a right to happiness. Be that 2 men, 2 women or 1 of each. Love is love - people need to set back and keep their nose out of it. You can't legislate love.

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