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Prop 19 Goes Down in Flames

I wish I could've used the clever pun "The Passing of California's Marijuana Initiative should be a growth to our economy," but unfortunately, likely due to a strong Republican turnout, Marijuana is still illegal in California, unless you get a doctor's note. Which is not so hard to get, so I urge all of you (with ailments marijuana can alleviate) to get a doctor's note and smoke medicinal marijuana if you're going to smoke at all.

Not only did last night spell a defeat for marijuana growers, smokers, dispensary employees, and hippies, it also saw the election of our former D.A. Steve Cooley as Attorney General. Remember, he's the one who randomly decided that 100s of marijuana collectives were illegal, after allowing them to exist for a decade. (Not to mention his attempt to prosecuted Roman Polanski for a 3 decade old crime--when the victim pleaded with him to drop the case). In other words, a real stand-up guy who makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

However, last night did see Jerry Brown once again elected as governor, which means there's a great excuse to blast "California Uberales" from the roof tops. Not to mention Newsom as Lieutentant Governor (who was my first choice).

So drug policy stays the same, but there are still ways of thwarting the system, such as the one I mentioned (but did not encourage) above.


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