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Proof that evolution doesn't exist...again

By now, unless you have been properly schooled about the beginning of life, most everybody has heard and been taught about evolution. You are taught about a single cell beginning in a slime pond evolving into life as a civilized society. They'll make you believe that we have made great strides since the caveman days where they fought and had no respect for women or life. But unfortunately, we are either stuck or we have reverted back to those caveman days.

We have seen an increase in crime, spousal abuse, child abuse, murders, and kidnapping, to name a few. All this since the 1960's. Since the 1990's terrorism has risen immensely. This year has been the worse year in modern memory in terrorism. Terrorists are killing people for not believing in the same religion as they supposedly do, killing women, enslaving women, marrying young girls as young as nine years old, or younger, and killing children. World leaders, and even the UN has basically turned a blind eye against these criminals. These people are uncivilized, even going as far as partaking in beastiality. For all intents and purposes, these people are not human, they are animals, having no respect for life or morality.

Good, decent, people have tired of wars and crime, and in doing so they have lost their backbone and fortitude to fight back. We all have turned our backs on civilized society. With the happenings in Ferguson, Missouri, the same kind of animals have taken advantage of the city's misfortune. Will we ever become a civilized society again, or will we continue to hideout heads deeper in the sand?

It is my sincere belief we have one more shot at making things right. We must return to the God that has made us a great nation, who made us to know right from wrong, and who gives us the strength and wisdom to fight back. Everything that has gone in the direction of evil has been allowed to happen because we have left God out of everything. We need to return to God if we expect and hope for any kind of improvement in our society. "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." 2Chronicles 7:14. This we must do if we expect any kind of improvement in our lives.

If you have been looking for a reason why things are the way they are, and are looking for the answer, then take 2Chronicles 7:14 to heart. Ask for forgiveness and invite God back into every aspect of our lives.

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