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Proof – Before Launch, 35 Obamacare State Exchanges Were ‘High Security Risk’

35 state Obamacare Exchanges were high security risk - Administration knew it  art
35 state Obamacare Exchanges were high security risk - Administration knew it art
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Even before the disastrous roll out of the multi-plagued Obamacare website millions of Americans in 35 states were at high risk to security problems that the administration did not acknowledge. According to Fox News, if you lived in one of those 35 states, you were quite vulnerable to hackers and you would not have known it.

This appears just part of the drip, drip, drip nature of valuable information that has been released about the health care website and program that has under achieved in delivering the promises of low-cost affordable healthcare. In fact, the healthcare debacle has caused Obama to issue at least presidential 29 executive orders to forestall mandatory deadlines affecting individuals, families and businesses.

While the president was assuring the nation at the end of September that all was well with full speed ahead for the launch of the website, far too many state officials were running around as if in a maze of dysfunction and uncertainty two days before the October beginning.

According to Fox News, Obamacare state exchange websites were being given the go ahead even though Obama administration officials knew the websites were at risk. One of the documents the network saw focused on a memo from Teresa Fryer, chief information security officer for the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services who Ok’d the state websites, saying, “The front office is signing them whether or not they are a high risk.”

In other words there was no true concern for the monumental risk that Obamacare users would be confronted with if hackers obtained their social security numbers, personal, financial as well as medical information. The truth of the high security risk the state websites presented was being sold down the river to cover up an administration lie.

Obama administration officials have countered the release of the secret information concerning the 35 state exchanges and the high security risks they presented by simply saying, “They are being addressed now,” reported Fox News.

It appears that the White House seems to exist in a parallel world where lies are really the truth and they keep believing that the American public sill just simply believe if they repeat it enough times. Since the president lied nearly 40 times about “If you like your health care you can keep it,” every other White House utterance should be taken on face value.

As a matter of plain fact the security concerns still persist according to testimony given before a House committee in January. Kevin Mitnick should know about website security because he was once, the world’s most-wanted cyber criminal, according to Fox News. He stated very plainly that the alleged, “protections built into the site “shameful” and “minimal.“

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