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Promoting your book on amazon

Promote your book on
Promote your book on

You’ve created a powerful book with an eye-grabbing cover, an attention-arresting title and an intriguing description. People can “Look Inside” and you’ve carefully priced it and placed it within your best Amazon category.

You know your audience, inside and out. But this is no “Field of Dreams”. You’ve built it – but now you have to actively and proactively let them know your Amazon book is ready and waiting to become the next best seller.

It’s important to realize there is no specific “best” way to promote your book – just a handful of best ways for your particular audience.
These ideas will help you come up with a winning formula all your own.

1. Proof your eBook thoroughly – before and after formatting.

You want the professional aura you’ve built up to continue – not break down – when people finally access your book.
And “proofing” doesn’t just mean a quick read-through. It means checking for:
• Spelling mistakes
• Syntax and grammar
• Inconsistencies
• Formatting
• Flow
• Image placement

2. Make a Marketing Plan.

Don’t just leave it to chance. Choose your methods with your target reader and keep the platforms they use in mind. Make a plan for:
Pre-launch – getting reviews and feedback; tweaking anything that needs to be edited
Launch – Plan to build up excitement and do your best to make your book launch news go viral
Post-launch – Don’t just let your book sit there, once the initial excitement has waned. Plan promotions throughout the year and take full advantage of your five give-the-book-away-for-free days, if you’ve enrolled in KDP Select.

Tie promotions in with seasonal holidays, if appropriate.

3. Research and contact top Amazon reviewers.

Look for those who post honest, critically valid, point-specific reviews. Make a list of the top one hundred, including contact information provided.

Contact each one to query whether or not they would be interested in reviewing your book. (This is one of the quickest and best ways to accumulate valuable reviews – and you’ll have your list for next time, perhaps with only a few minor tweaks if you go outside your current niche.)

Keep your contact low-key and simple, and try to provide one single compelling reason why they might want to review your book.

4. Wait until you have at least six reviews.

One of the most effective ways to make sure your promotions stick is to wait. Don’t fall prey to the common beginner mistake of rushing to announce your launch. Make sure the book has populated in Amazon’s catalogue (48-72 hours)… and make sure you have at least six reviews first before announcing to the world at large.

5. Create a hashtag for your book or book launch.

Register it with You can even create a Twitter Party about it, if you already have fans or a list.

6. Create a contest.

Do this before or after your book is released and base it on others sharing your book in some way – through social shares, reviews, “Liking” your Facebook Page, and so forth. (Make sure you obey platform and local laws, however.)

Make sure you offer something people really want as the prize (iPads seem to be the gift of choice on marketing forums, when people are asked).

7. Create a YouTube video.

You can talk about your book on camera, or put together a presentation of slides from your book, a sound track, images that boost your message.

Make it short and impactful. (You can also demonstrate one point, method or tip from your book.)

(You can also upload a slide presentation to SlideShare.)

8. Create a Facebook Author Page for your book.

Not only can you build a community and get a buzz going with your Facebook Page, you can also use it to display third-party app tabs leading to:
• Sample chapters
• Contests
• Sign-ups

Treat it as a “customer service” site, no matter what your book topic. Answer questions about becoming an author; answer questions about your niche topic; and remember to acknowledge and thank people for interactions as you check in daily to keep your community well-nourished and happy.

9. Keep your book updated.

A book is a live entity. Don’t be afraid to put out a second, third, fourth edition or more, as long as your book keeps selling. This will most likely apply if you have a textbook or one that deals with changing technology or social habits. Not only will people appreciate updated information, your diligence will build trust, as well as give you the opportunity to run new promotions around the new edition – and attract new readers.

10. Learn from your mistakes.

Even the best marketers make mistakes in promoting their books, so it’s not the end of the world. If one promotion fails, build another – and congratulate yourself on learning what not to do next time. (Check out Common but Painful Kindle Publishing Mistakes to Avoid that Cost you Money at to learn which mistakes nine top marketers admitted to.)

But the best promotion methods are the ones you dream up yourself. We hope these suggestions have started you brainstorming.

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