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Promoting business with public relations

Public relation
Public relation

To formulate any strategy for whetting Public Relations promotional tools, it is imperative to understand the difference between Public Relations and Marketing, for these two disciplines is overlapping and the difference is blurry.

One often encounters terms, such as Public Relations Marketing and Public Relations advertising which complicates the issue further. To keep things clear, some Public Relations firms have started using the term Corporate Communication Management for the services they offer. In fact these two departments work in tandem and Public Relations is cited as the fifth ‘P’ of the overall marketing strategy.

Public Relations addresses the issue of communication between an Organization and the public to attend to the latter’s need and assert the former’s commitment to fulfill them through honest reporting of the Organization’s work and strategies to provide quality products and services. It clearly shows that at the core of Public Relations activities lies ‘honesty’ and needs of the ‘public’. This fact provides guidelines to form effective PR strategies for promoting business.

Here are some PR tips that might be helpful in promoting your Business.

Never Use Cheap Publicity Gimmicks
A cheap publicity gimmick may make you talk of the town for a while, but the damage it can do to your reputation might be irrevocable. An energy drink maker formulated a drink with a lot of caffeine in it, and to create a publicity fizz launched it by the brand name Cocaine in the market.

It backfired and created a lot of legal troubles; The FDA ordered the company to withdraw its product from the market. After wading through much legal tribulations, it relaunched the product with a different name.

Write a Positioning Statement with Emphasis on Customers’ Problems
Usually PR executives create Position Statements giving more importance to the products and services rather than addressing problems and needs of the customers. A better way to write a positioning Statement is to give more space to customers’ problems and specifying how are you going to solve them.

Create Separate Plans for Promulgating Different Achievements
Suppose a company launches a unique product and it becomes so popular that it breaks all the previous sales record. To reap maximum benefits from both these achievements, the company publishes advertisements in magazines describing in detail the special features of the product, and issued a financial report which was supplied as supplements with a leading newspaper. Certainly the company adopted the best strategy by separately addressing the different achievements in this case.

Develop a Detailed Customer Charter
A good customer charter clearly states what and how much a customer can expect from you and how will you meet up to their expectations. State the conditions for replacement of defected items clearly. Notify at what hours a customer care executive can be consulted and assure the customers that their complaints and grievances shall be dealt in a prompt and sincere manner. A transparent, informative, and promising customer charter is essential for strengthening public relations.

Organize case studies
Everyone is looking for case studies: whether it is the media, consumers, or the academic fraternity. A case study which offers great learning opportunities is registered in the annals of management books and is frequently referenced. The other huge benefit of case studies that they can open windows into the minds of the customers.

Be Creative in Presenting Stories
PR department of big corporate names assume that every event organized by their corporation deserves media coverage. This narcissistic attitude can undermine the credibility of even the stories that really deserve wide scale coverage. Try to present your stories that are important and worth telling, and try to tell them from a fresh perspective.

Develop a Strong Presence on the Social Media
Social media has necessitated a paradigm shift in implementing public relations strategies. Public relations activities are no more confined within conference rooms and its goals cannot be achieved by merely publishing scholarly articles in elite magazines. In modern times a good public relationship strategy incorporates an approach that reaches out to as many people as possible. A Facebook post is no less effective than an article in The Economist.

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