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Promote your brand as a marketing technique

As a small business professional, it can be frustrating when potential clients don’t seem to respond to your marketing efforts. Marketing drives business success by generating sells. It does this by introducing your products or services to clients in ways that are hopefully memorable and lets you stand out from the crowd. Good marketing should always promote the identification, purpose and goal of your brand although branding is not a specifically marketing activity. A company brand should actually encompass the entire essence of your company as it becomes inseparable from what you do and who you are as an entrepreneur. When you realize the power of focusing on your brand as a marketing technique it provides much more for you to work with in the promotional process. In fact, this lets you build a nurturing relationship with potential and current clients by appealing to the rational as well as an emotional angles of your brand.

This technique of marketing can help you stand out in today’s highly competitive business world where consumers are hit with so many weak marketing messages that it is easy to get confused. As you look at what many small business owners present as a brand it is common to see poorly defined concepts that don’t elicit anything memorable. By defining your brand and smartly exposing its various angles in your marketing you can nurture a stronger business relationship with prospective and current clients.

Get people engaged in what your brand stands for with an entertaining yet compelling presentation. Brand focused marketing can include posting substance filled articles that highlight the compelling aspects of your brand to your website or blog, article directories, and on guest blogs. Creatively structure this writing to use social proof such as testimonials and case studies to show how your business products and services offer desirable benefits to customers. This can result in identifying you as a socially conscious business owner, building trust in your brand and ultimately resulting in more sales.

Extend written marketing tools beyond articles or blog posts. Turn a series of short blog post into articles. Select similar articles and compile them into a short report or white paper to give more depth on a topic and show your expertise. Eventually, you could have enough material to create a book, ebook or kindle product that’s unique to your business instead of sounding like multiple other products that carry similar copycat themes.

Writing to nurture a marketing relationship through your brand can move into social media sites. Let people have a glimpse of the human side of your brand without crossing the line of getting too personal. For example, you might share how taking care of your pet took time away from the work day and focus that to a new course only you could develop because your brand supports and promotes busy work-at-home parents with a lot of household responsibilities. That would show the caring side of the brand without getting mushy.

Move from marketing the brand through writing to using audio, video or live presentations. Just be natural, expressing how you feel or by sharing new observations. The goal is to nurture prospects or current clients in order to build a relationship that could result in a more effective overall marketing strategy and ultimately more sales.

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