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Promomedia B Division's first round set for Le Sorcier Golf Club

The Ottawa Sun Scramble's Promomedia B Division's first round goes tomorrow at Le Sorcier.
The Ottawa Sun Scramble's Promomedia B Division's first round goes tomorrow at Le Sorcier.
Randy McGee/Photography

The question “To be or not to be on the way to becoming champs of the Ottawa Sun Scramble’s Promomedia B Division?” gets answered tomorrow at Le Sorcier Golf Club.

The 18 teams from a field of 70 two-person squads that come up with the right reply by going lower than most in round one will book berths to compete in round two on Championship Saturday (Aug. 23) at Outaouais Golf Club.

They’ll be challenged on Wednesday by the Le Sorcier championship track that plays to par 71, measures 6,427 yards and features 14 elevated tees ranging from 20 to 100 feet.

Last years’ winners of the Promomedia Cup were Martin Shaw and Alan Gustafson. They carded a two-round total of 11-under 132 to best the field by a healthy three-shot margin.

The win moved Shaw and Gustafson up to the 2014 GolfWorks A Division, which plays Aug. 22 at Talon.

For tomorrow’s tee-times, visit

Here is the field for the 2014 Promomedia B Division and their finishes from last year:

  • Matthew deVroome (N. Bay) & Mark McDonald (Gatineau), 1st (C)
  • Matt Yakabuski & Steve McJannet (Mississippi), 2nd
  • Wes Ranger (Slammer Tour) & Jordan MacWilliam, 2nd (C)
  • Mike Gingerich & Jamie Pool, 3rd
  • Pat Morin & Don Morin, 4th
  • Steve Swanson (Slammer Tour) & Tony George (ST), T5
  • Chris Drover (Hautes P) & Jeremy Cochrane (HP), 7th
  • Liam Morrow (Cedar G.) & Greg Charbonneau (W. Sands), 7th (Junior)
  • Jeffrey Carroll (Smiths Falls) & Nick Feeley, T8
  • Gary Birtch (ClubEG) & Russell Wolfe (ClubEG), T8
  • Rob Kennedy (Marshes) & Marty Belair (Marshes), T8
  • Rocco Sala & Pat Barone, 12th
  • Drew Bertrend & Josh Francis (Brockville Highlands) (WEQ), 13th
  • Steve Winges & Ronald Winges, 14th
  • Bruce Reid & Peter Drevniok, 15th
  • Dave Manuel (ClubEG) Steve Ryan (ClubEG), 16th
  • Mark Williamson (Ottawa Sun) & Brian Mason (Ottawa Sun), T17
  • Jean-Marc Titley (Glengarry) & Perry Bottos, T17
  • Bill Neill & Craig Neill, T17
  • Scott Rogers & Shawn MacDonald, T17
  • Jason Mercier & Brad Durie, T17
  • Chuck Stapley & Adam Stapley, T17
  • Kraig De la Salle & Spawn Gusdal, T17
  • Darren Green & Todd McHugh (Bearbrook) (JULYQ), T17
  • John O'Connor & Greg Brennan (FRQ), T17
  • Rick Gibbons (Tournament Builder) & Bevan Graham (Ottawa Sun), 20th (Senior)
  • Dan Marstel (Slammer Tour) & Paul Warren, T29
  • Evan Smith & Shannon Mulligan, T29
  • Lee Noonan (ClubEG) & Glenn Noonan, T34
  • Keith Cooper (Manderley) & Kevin Nolan (Manderley), T34
  • Travis Lyndon (Slammer Tour) & Bruce Lyndon (Woodlands), T34
  • Adam Keller & Paul Holden, T34
  • Norman Epp & Steve Roque, T34
  • Brian Bonner & Michael Lalonde (ClubEG), T34
  • Ken Krasilycz (Slammer Tour) & Bob Pepin (Slammer Tour), T34
  • Adam Marshall (Loch March) & Ryan Marshall, T43
  • Michel Gauthier & Daniel Bergevin, T43
  • Scott Laflamme (Slammer Tour) & William McMurry, T43
  • Scott Jessiman (ClubEG) & Kevin Chevrier (ClubEG), T52
  • David Cartwright & Seth Cartwright (FRQ), T56
  • Brad Kinnaird (Norway B.) & Winston Kinnard (eQuinelle), T62
  • Rob Labelle & Kas Kassam, T64
  • Cecil Singh (Slammer Tour) & Bob Theberge (Slammer Tour) STQ, T64
  • Steve Walling & Paul Rutherford, n/a
  • John Davies & Dave Walter, n/a
  • Franklin Malheiro & Ettore Provenzano, n/a
  • Mike Giannandrea & Alex Coon, n/a
  • Joe Clark (Slammer Tour) & Serge Richer (Meadows), n/a
  • Dave Hodgson & Eric Irons (Mountain Creek), n/a
  • Brian Kebic (ClubEG) & Robb Anderson (ClubEG), n/a
  • Jon Zywicki & Matt Beelen, n/a
  • Kevin Whelan (Roanoke) & Kris Penner, n/a
  • Jim Gordon (Mississippi) & Todd Peckett (Arnprior), n/a
  • Bill Young (ClubEG) & Ian White (Slammer Tour), n/a
  • Wayne Coyle (Slammer Tour) & Michael Muise (ST), n/a
  • Brian Kusiewicz & Eric Lafrance, n/a
  • Rick Theberge (Slammer Tour) & Brad Kalef, n/a
  • Danny Sirois (ClubEG) & Edmond Goon (Greensmere), n/a
  • Jason Stewart & Jerry Kreuk, n/a
  • David Coyle & Jason Howard, n/a
  • Mike Aris & Don Moncrieff, n/a
  • James Chant & Adam Mallett, n/a
  • Martin Boyer (ClubEG) & Sheldon Weatherstone (ClubEG) (STQ), n/a
  • Brian Bursey (Greensmere) & Dave Chipman (Greensmere) (JULYQ), n/a
  • Joe Long & Graham Long, n/a
  • Peter Leyser & Tony Fiorentino (GreyHawk) (HQ),,n/a
  • Tony Forde (ClubEG) & Trevor Costello (HQ), n/a
  • Tyler Bayne & Scott Tracey (HQ), n/a
  • Jonathan Stairs & George Bailey (FRQ), n/a
  • Elliott Bourgeois & Liam Sheridan (WEQ), n/a
  • Shawn Cation (ClubEG) & Gary Reid (ClubEG) (WEQ), n/a
  • John Kennedy (JFK Sports) & Darcy Jenkins (ClubEG), n/a

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