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Promo video released for ‘Big Brother 16: Expect the unexpected?

Promo video released for ‘Big Brother 16: Expect the unexpected?
Promo video released for ‘Big Brother 16: Expect the unexpected?
Photo courtesy of CBS and used with permission

The theme of the new “Big Brother 16” promo video seems to be expect the unexpected. Casting rumors have been circulating over the past few week and the promo video only adds more speculation of what fans will see this summer.

The “Big Brother 16” promo video was released yesterday, May 19, and has clips of past “BB16” houseguests saying various phrases about the unexpected. Other phrases used throughout the video include past houseguests saying who knows what is going to happen, that they did not see that coming or I would not expect anything less.

The background music of the “Big Brother 16” promo video invites viewers to have some fun in the California sun. “Big Brother” super fans often schedule vacations or time off from work in order to spend the summer watching the show. Not only do super fans watch “Big Brother” on CBS, but they also watch “Big Brother After Dark” as well as subscribe to the live feeds.

“The Big Brother 16” live feeds will soon be available for purchase. The live feeds often probe to be more interesting than what CBS shows on television. With the exception of competitions, including the “Power of Veto," and the live eviction, “Big Brother” live feed subscribers have access to the houseguest’s activities 24 hours a day for the entire season.

The new “Big Brother 16” logo is different than past seasons. It has almost a tropical look to it, with palm trees and the house itself looks a bit like a hut. The new logo fueled speculation that “Big Brother 16” will be a season of “Relatives and Veterans,” much like a past season of “Survivor” that was entitled “Blood vs. Water.” The two popular CBS reality shows share the same casting department.

Rumors are that Rachel Reilly will be returning to the “Big Brother” house along with her sister Elissa Slater. Also rumored to be returning are is Dah Gheesling with his wife Chelsea, as well as Aayrn Gries and a not-yet-known family member. The new season of "Big Brother" returns on Wednesday, June 25 at 8 p.m. on CBS.