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Promising Films at the FIFFLA - Sept. 24Th - Sept 26Th, 2010


Jeff Solema is a successful film director, who is also the festival director of the Filipino’s International film festival. Jeff Solema put all his energy and faith into making one of his dreams a reality, not only he was able to make one of his dreams a reality, he made it happen the second time.

Of course Bennie Salindong the Festival Manager worked twice as hard to make sure this mission is another success story.

So, what's next, I thought you'll never ask, OK, here is the tip, today is the last day of the 2Nd Annual Filipino International Film Festival in Los Angeles, so if you are around, check their website, and pay them a visit, I personally, highly recommend you to go and mingle with other like minded, and feel free to check the new talented people at the festival as well the schedule, so you can celebrate the 2Nd Annual Filipino International Film Festival in Los Angeles and show some support.
One thing I can promise you, which you will never regret it, FIFFLA's goal is to bridge Philippine Cinema, Filipino-American film makers, actors, writers, and directors directly with Hollywood. And It's great to discover the new talent and culture on the screen.

I have been there from the beginning, and I had the pleasure to meet great people to mingle with, not only they are talented actors, writers, ad directors, they are just fascinating people to know.

Special thanks goes to entire staff of the Hollywood Film and Academy who helped making this event a success, and that goes to all the students who volunteered to be part of it, and of course I have volunteered my time too, for all three days, and from what I have seen, the movies have a promising future.

I’ll be at the FIFFLA today for the closing night, and I hope you join me too.
Remember, determination means "hard work,” and the result is what you get in the end, which is the great satisfaction, while you enjoy the fruits.


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