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Promise zones: Obama's initiative to pull designated areas out of poverty

President Obama to announce 'promise zones' around the nation.
President Obama to announce 'promise zones' around the nation.
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Obama is about to announce five promise zones in the nation. These promise zones will benefit from his new program designed to offer help to designated communities so they can climb out of poverty. This sounds very close to a biblical destination of the “promised land.”

According to ABC News on Jan. 8, this is something President Obama will announce as “a lead-up to his State of the Union address. Fox News live reminds their audience on Wednesday that Obama does not have the best track record with promises these days. They referred to the promises he made around health care that he couldn't deliver, like keeping your own heath insurance if you like it.

The nation’s leader has already designated the promise zones as areas in “San Antonio, Texas; Philadelphia; Los Angeles; southeastern Kentucky and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.”

These are the first of the promise zones, which are areas that are economically challenged. This will ultimately help the kids that live in these promise zones a better chance at success, which is Obama’s theory behind this.

These designated promise zones will receive government tax incentives and grants to bring the areas up to a thriving community and a place people will be proud of. It sounds like these promise zones will ultimately become the promise land for the folks that live there! At least these tax dollars are going to help the people that live in these promise communities!