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Promis interviews on video star locations Paris, New York and more!

Photo by Olivier Riquelme. Courtesy of Kurt Nishimura

The interview with singing and songwriting sensation Promis continues here with part two:

W.E. What is the experience like creating videos in different regions?

P. I love it! I work with a zero budget, as I have always been completely independent, so the star of the video has to be the location. Therefore, the cities, such as Paris and New York, provide ideal backdrops, as they have for decades, but also the natural beauty of places like Tucson works just as well. I like working with artists from different parts of the world, such as the crew that filmed "Indiscreet!" in Berlin, because they bring their own points of views and ideas, which in the end only serves to enhance one's work.

W.E. What was it like working with a five piece band?

P. They weren't really a five piece band - it was just different musicians highlighted on different songs. Albert Romero, my violinist, has a "starring role" on "Play Troubadour!" for example, where he really gets to shine. The same with Dave Champagne and his oboe on "Hustler's Lament." Each song calls for a different arrangements and musicians, and I select the musicians that I feel are appropriate for the songs.

W.E. How were the songs selected for the new Indiscretions album?

P. Some of these songs were written ten years ago, such as "Friends That Last Forever," and some are more recent. I wanted the feel of a mini-opera perhaps, and songs which slightly "fit the bill" and imagery of decaying ports, their inhabitants, and the lives that continue within, from happy to sad. I wanted songs with an international feel that would complement each other. For example, "Play Troubadour!" and "Indiscreet!" have Balkan influences, "Number One" is my attempt at writing a French chanson, "Martinis at Noon" is straightforward pop, "Love Lurks and Lives In The Blackest Of Night" is cabaret and "From The Beginning" is a Greek hit from the early 1980s. Somehow or another, in my mind, these songs fit and complemented one other, and take the listener through peaks and valleys from beginning to end.

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