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Promis discusses new video

Promis has a new video, which can be seen here first. This video premiere is the sixth video from Promis' Indiscretions album. Promis mentions that the song, entitled "From the beginning," was originally an award-winning hit in Greece in 1981. Promis shares his video premiere here and shares the story here of how the video at the Joshua Tree came about:

"My friend Olivier Riquelme, whom I met through MySpace years ago, was a French model and actor and one of the first fans of my music. He backed me and made me feel I was doing the right thing from the beginning. No pun intended. As he lived and survived in Los Angeles as a waiter waiting for his break as an actor, he became a photographer. His experience as a top French model no doubt aided his vision."

"We maintained our friendship over the years and the opportunity came to film a video for this song, which in my mind was one of the 'hits' from the album. Olivier fell in love with Joshua Tree and the high desert and he suggested we film a video there. We took off to the desert one weekend and voila! A truly international affair took place. A Greek song sung by a Chilean Los Angeleno produced by a Brit had a video shot and directed by a French actor. So there you have it!!!"

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