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Prominent gun lobbyist makes death threats against congresswoman

Ammosexual threatens Congresswoman
Ammosexual threatens Congresswoman

Larry Pratt, the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America (GOA), is threatening the life of Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and any other member of congress who supports sensible gun regulations.

Pratt is openly warning members of congress they should fear for their life if they support any form of gun regulation. In an open letter to Rep. Maloney, a New York Democrat, Pratt warned the congresswoman she “should do her job in constant trepidation” that she will be shot.

Pratt, attempting to distance himself from the fact that he is threatening members of congress with violence, explained he was trying to “educate citizens, and politicians, that it is the fact that Americans are armed that allows them to resist efforts to be dominated, intimidated, or controlled by politicians.”

Earlier this year, Right Wing Watch reported on Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt’s response to hearing that Rep. Carolyn Maloney was afraid of getting shot by a member of his group.

“That’s probably a healthy fear for them to have,” Pratt said of members of Congress who fear assassination, in an interview with radio host Bill Cunningham. “You know, I’m kind of glad that’s in the back of their minds. Hopefully they’ll behave.”

Clinging to their guns and Bibles: The Southern Poverty Law Center reports:

Larry Pratt stands at the intersection of guns and Jesus, lobbying for absolutely unrestricted distribution of firearms while advocating a theocratic society based upon Old Testament civil and religious laws.

Making death threats against members of congress is a despicable tactic that speaks to the deranged depravity of the gun lobby in America. Pratt and his fellow ammosexuals continue to create a culture of gun violence in this country that is unacceptable. It is time for decent Americans to stand up to these gun loving, cowardly, thugs.

(H/T Right Wing Watch)

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