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'Prometheus' star Charlize Theron reigns supreme as the Queen of Summer

If you’ve asked where Charlize Theron, has been since earning her well-deserved Oscar in 2004 as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster, you aren’t alone. In an industry that loves to welcome back a winner, Theron has roared back into favor by scoring the ultimate K.O. She’s now reigning supreme as the Queen of Summer Films 2012 thanks to a heart-stopping turn in Snow White & the Huntsman and as icy Weyland Corp. executive Meredith Vickers in Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Find out why Theron feels her taking on the long-awaited Alien prequel was the coolest move she could ever make and more in this exclusive L.A. Personalities Interview.

Oscar winner Charlize Theron arrives for the June 1st world premiere of the film "Prometheus" in Leicester Square, London/
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

For anyone following the celebrity pages, 2012 is going down as a year to remember for Theron. With two of the summer’s biggest hits under her belt, the glamorous face of Dior is also celebrating the adoption of her first child. Yet, her big return only heightens the curious career journey she’s plotted.

Despite possessing a magazine cover ready face to promote Hollywood formula fare, she’s dared to favor a less-predictable career path. Whether mixing up appearances on television (cult fave Arrested Development) with gritty dramas like The Road, North Country and The Burning Plain, Theron seemed to be biding her time for that perfect project to really shake up perception. Then came Diablo Cody’s Young Adult.

One of the most polarizing lead roles ever committed to film, Theron hit another Oscar-worthy career peak with her portrayal of Mavis Gary, an unconscionable woman hell bent on winning back her ex-boyfriend with comically disastrous results. Apparently it was just the first salvo for Theron, who has added heat to a woeful summer season thanks to her imperious turns in Snow White & the Huntsman and, now, Prometheus.

“This to me is the yummy Ridley Scott that I wanted to work with,” Theron said. “This is the Ridley Scott I fell in love with, that I started obsessing about. It was just a dream come true not only to work with him as a director, but also to work in the genre that is his thing. He baked this pie.”

In an interview conducted in March, Theron could not offer up many details about Prometheus, then thought of as simply as a prequel to the film classic Alien. Yet, after seeing the super secretive project, what is apparent is that Scott defied expectations by delivering what is the thinking man’s suspense epic.

“There was a question asked from Alien,” Theron continued. “The more they tried to answer that question, they realized the box was just too small. This definitely has the DNA of that world, but I do think it’s an original piece in the sense that we’re all new characters. The questions are bigger and the world is scarier. That’s why we all wanted to make this film.”

Exuding confidence and possessing a wicked sense of humor, what makes Theron so appealing on and off screen is that she comes across as the quintessential Hitchcock blonde Without the crazy, of course. Dressed casually in a simple blazer and body hugging jeans, she proved a candid and insightful interview. So, what was the biggest surprise revealed during our conversation? Admitting that she finally feels like she’s upped her “cool” factor.

“This is the kind of thing I just feel like you look back when you’re 80 and you just go, “Damn, that is so cool that I was in that movie!” It’s continuous kudo points with your children and your grandchildren just being in this movie. I could be the most uncool person from now on. I can just always say I’m in this movie and it’s like all sorted for me.”

To see the full Personalities Examiner with Theron, click on the embedded player located to the left of this page.

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