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Promenade at Nichols Village

Promenade At Nichols Village
Promenade At Nichols VillageJoe D'Amore

With nervous anticipation the young women from Pentucket High School descended the long staircase to meet their escorts. Dapper man, several in formal wear , from two generations before them greeted and presented each with a white rose . The couples after being introduced by Wendy McGrath of Groveland intermittently glided past the assembly of residents, friends and family who had gathered to witness the second annual Promenade at Nichols Village. The young women were each introduced by name and a comment about their stunning gowns was made. After walking past the audience lead by the men who also guided the girls to a gentle twirl, there was resounding applause by the audience . Wendy also attended to the details of announcing each girl's plans ; all going off to college and well on their way to crafting exciting lives

What was created by this budding tradition is the beauty and pageantry of an event within a senior living center so that all could enjoy a most American tradition that transcends generations: The senior prom. It is a uniquely American tradition steeped in the social graces. But equally important the mostly elderly audience were able to relive their own experiences from decades past. Days that were more fleeting and breathless when youthful exuberance dominated their lives. In a way the fountain of youth was surely experienced here by viewing the stunning young women in the full regalia of their youth and vibrant energy.

That fountain alas does exist and it is the memory of our own youth which flowed freely during and surely after the event.

Wendy has created an extraordinary experience for young and old alike that will surely be repeated for years. Prom season is upon us in our community and the official initiation of it began here at Nichols Village.

Joe D'Amore
Groveland, MA