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Prom Night For Foster Children

Do you remember your high school prom? For many the memories are fond. From the gorgeous dress and hair that took hours, to the perfect toes and fingers. The girls felt like princesses and the boys were king for the night. It is a night that should be remembered with fondness for years to come.
However, for many children in foster care that isn’t the case. Teens in foster care are often placed in group homes with employees overseeing them rather than foster parents. For these children there will be no extra money for things like prom dresses, tuxedos, shoes, dinner out, hair do, nails, or any of the other many things that make this night so special.
Could you find it in your heart to help make this night special for some of these children? Prom night may not seem like a “worthy” cause to an adult but to that teen whose world has fallen apart it means the world to be able to have the very special night.
If you would like to donate please contact me $5 or $500 anything you can spare can go a long way. Or perhaps you have access to a business and would like to offer a service from that business. Anything would be appreciated.

We live in an amazing community that never ceases to amaze me with its generosity.


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