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Prom King caffeine overdose: Irregular heartbeat and seizures COD, coroner says

A caffeine overdose has been confirmed as the cause of death (COD) of one former Prom King from Ohio. A Lorain County coroner has revealed that a combination of an irregular heartbeat and seizures brought about by a massive ingestion of caffeine powder led to the death of 18-year-old Logan Stiner of LaGrange. USA Today reports this Tuesday, July 1, that Stiner’s family and friends are still grieving over their loved one’s unexpected death, while the case has brought the safety of caffeine powder — and just caffeine — into question.

Prom King has a caffeine overdose, irregular heartbeat and seizures
Courtesy of Creative Commons, Flickr

In a tragedy that turned graduation day from one of excited anticipation to profound sorrow, a Prom King caffeine overdose resulted in Logan Stiner’s death only days before he received his diploma. The medical examiner determined this week that too much caffeine in the young man’s body was the cause of his sudden passing, having reached “toxic” levels. He is said to have specifically died from the resulting seizures and irregular heartbeat brought about by the stimulant drug.

According to the press release, shares Penn Live this morning, Stiner’s body was first discovered in late May by his brother. His brother said that the telltale white powder was found nearby, and that Logan must have taken it after coming back home to have a quick lunch before returning to school.

After hearing news of the Prom King’s shocking COD, residents in the LaGrange, Ohio, community are said to be stunned that one could actually suffer a caffeine overdose, let alone die from it. One woman noted that she hopes this tragic incident might serve as a warning to future users of caffeine powder, highlighting it as a potentially dangerous stimulant drug. She added that the coroner's announcement should be taken as a definite wake-up call for U.S. youth.

"I never thought it would hurt an 18-year-old child," said resident Lora Balka to a local news outlet.

Caffeine powder is not available for purchase in U.S. stores. However, the crystalline xanthine alkaloid substance can be bought fairly easily on the Web, and may come in more powerful doses or supplements than it first appears. Ingesting too much caffeine — which is often found in much smaller amounts in certain drinks like coffee or tea — can lead to irregular heartbeats, erratic movement, seizures, and even death.

A single teaspoon of the bitter white powder is said to potentially hold over 1,500 milligrams of caffeine. To put this massive amount into more understandable terms, that’s equivalent to approximately 70 individual cans of Red Bull, which can be dangerous in and of themselves if over-consumed.

Warning labels are found on all legal forms of caffeine powder. However, in light of this devastating Prom King caffeine overdose death, it has been called into question whether more safety precautions should be implemented to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future. Companies who sell caffeine powder assert that in proper dosages, the stimulant drug can enhance user’s focus, awareness, energy levels, and mood for a short amount of time.

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