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Logan Stiner caffeine powder overdose death: Autopsy confirms caffeine toxicity

An overdose of a powder caffeine has killed a high school prom king after the substance caused an irregular heartbeat and seizures. Logan Stiner, 18, of LaGrange, Ohio had toxic levels of caffeine in his body, his autopsy showed. The teen was found dead by his brother at home, according to AZ Central on July 1.

Caffeine overdose is the cause of death for a prom king who suddenly died in May.

Stiner was due to graduate with his class in a few days, but instead he was found dead after consuming a toxic dose of the caffeine powder, which was found close by his body. This potent and deadly powder is not sold in stores, but it is available online, according to Time Magazine today.

Steven Evans, the Lorain County Coroner, said this powder is such a powerful substance that just a tiny fraction of a teaspoon has the caffeine equivalent of one can of a high-powered energy drink like Red Bull. While the white powder was found near his body, no one knows just how much he ingested to cause him to die so quickly.

Logan had come home from school at lunch time and apparently made a drink containing this powder. It is not known where the teen got the powdered caffeine from, but it is sold online.

The caffeine powder has been responsible for a few deaths in recent years. Because it is powder, people don’t realize that it is very potent and just a little bit can be too much on the body.

One level teaspoon of the powder contains up to 1,600 milligrams of caffeine. This would be the same amount of caffeine you would ingest after drinking 70 cans of Red Bull. An energy drink typically contains about 280 milligrams of caffeine and a 12-ounce cup of Starbucks’ coffee contains about 260 milligrams in comparison to what a teaspoon of this powder offers.

The package that the powdered caffeine comes in suggests using a micro-scale to measure a “safe amount.” This product is sold by various companies and it comes with the promise that it improves your focus and increases endurance. It also claims to elevate your mood.

These are the things kids turn to illegal drugs for. They want to feel good, alive and alert, much like cocaine might make you feel. While Logan died suddenly in May right before his graduation for high school, it wasn’t until the autopsy came back with the results this week that his death became nationwide news.

His death should be seen in headlines across the country because more people, especially teens and their parents, really need to know the hidden danger in this product. The death of Logan should act as a wake-up call to just how easy it is to buy a substance online that is not sold in stores. If this drug isn’t sold in stores in the U.S., it shouldn’t be allowed to come into the country.

Update 7/2: "Fox and Friends" live on Wednesday morning reports that Logan Stiner died from caffeine toxicity after ingesting the caffeine in powder form. This death should act as a warning about this product. According to ABC Local News today, the coroner found that Stiner had a "lethal amount of caffeine in his system."

Stiner went home for lunch on May 27 and consumed the caffeine in powder form suffered from a cardiac arrhythmia which led to a seizure due to the high dosage of caffeine he ingested. His brother found him dead on the floor with the caffeine powder nearby his body.

The high school senior was in the top five of his class and he was due to graduate in a few days. Stiner's mother reported finding four bags of the powder caffeine in their home the day Logan died. Reports say that his mother knew that he took supplements while working out, but had no idea that was caffeine in a powder form.

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