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Prolotherapy shows efficiency for knee osteoarthritis.

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Regenerative injection therapy known as prolotherapy, has shown to improve consistently pain in people suffering from knee osteoarthritis in a small study published online in the journal of alternative medicine on March 17, 2014. Starting as early as 1930, prolotherapy is becoming an evolving modality. It is gaining popularity in rehabilitation, sport, and family medicine.

Consistency and efficiency improvement.

Degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis affects the joints, cartilage and bone. Dextrose and Morrhuate Sodium were injected for Knee Osteoarthritis. The best improvement was seen in 24 hours and remained stable in 52 weeks. All injection group participants did not suffer from side-effects or adverse events.

  • The study concluded that prolotherapy with dextrose and morrhuate sodium resulted in substantial, significant, and sustained improvement on validated pain, function, and stiffness measures in participants with mild-to-severe KOA compared to baseline status. Prolotherapy performed by a trained operator may be an appropriate therapy for selected patients who have moderate-to-severe KOA and who are refractory to conservative care.

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