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Project Veritas blows liberal’s minds exposing Hollywood hypocrisy

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Would liberals back Arab oil against American fracking? Would it bother you if the answer is yes? Would it bother you if you found this out by luring two unsuspecting libs into a meeting with a fake Arab oil magnate? It bothers liberals!

Megyn Kelly of FOX News seems to think the O’Keefe’s film is entrapment and not a sting! As an attorney she should know the difference between setting someone up under false pretenses and setting someone up to expose their lies. O’Keefe did not lure them into agreeing to help an Arab oil magnate shut down American oil production against their better judgment. He put them in a position to show who they really are. That is perfectly legitimate and it just goes to show that liberals are NOT patriots!

This is not entrapment, but a sting operation, which is perfectly legitimate. The producer, James O’Keefe, did not lure them into agreeing to help the fake Arab oil magnate under false pretenses. The only fraud here is the liberals who say they are American patriots, but are willing to help an Arab oil man shut down American oil production. (Entrapment would be making the offer to help shut down ALL oil production to “save the planet,” which is what liberals say they want. But this was clearly to shut down American oil in favor of Arab oil. Actors Ed Begley, Jr., and Mariel Hemingway are totally busted, exposing the hypocrisy and treachery of Hollywood liberals acting against America’s best interests.)

Hollywood liberals siding with America’s enemies

Project Veritas has exposed hypocrites and frauds repeatedly over the last few years. O’Keefe has been the target of an investigation by Attorney General Eric Holder who was held in Contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents about his Operation Fast & Furious. The truth project has revealed vast corruption in government with liberal Democrats being the most egregious of offenders.

Megyn Kelly will interview O’Keefe tonight on The Kelly File.

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