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'Project Spark' beta for Xbox One and PC now open to all

Project Spark
Project Spark
Project Spark is now available to everyone on Xbox One and PC. Oh yeah, it's free too. (Team Dakota)

Team Dakota and Microsoft announced Tuesday that the Project Spark beta is now free to download for all Xbox One and Windows 8.1 users.

Project Spark, the game where you can create your own games and play games created by others, has been in closed beta for the Xbox One for only a couple of weeks and in closed beta for Windows 8.1 since last December.

The game uses a visual coding language that allows users to create "brains" for individual objects and characters. There's also an extensive toolset for crafting and populating game worlds with hills, mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, dungeons and more. Additionally, Team Dakota has steadily been increasing the number of different themes, tile sets and textures in the Project Spark marketplace. These can be purchased with real world money or through coins earned by exploring, building, playing and sharing in the game.

On top of building and creating original (or not) games, creations can be shared between the Xbox One and Windows 8.1 PCs. So, someone could create a game to play on the PC and someone else can play it on the Xbox and vice versa.

This Examiner has played with the beta off and on since its release and it is definitely a fresh step not only in gaming but learning how to create games as well. There are guides available on the official site as well as by doing a search for user-created tutorials on YouTube. Even if you aren't into the coding, you can focus on world and item building or simply enjoy trying out other people's creations.

Project Spark is also coming to the Xbox 360 but there are currently no plans to release a beta for the console.

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