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Project Skateboard Tools are back

The Project Skateboard Tool is one of the only skate tools that can do almost everything. The Venture brand of skateboard trucks has a geometry that throws most skate tools for a loop. The Venture Truck's hanger sticks out so far that most tools aren't able to sit flush on the top two nuts of the mounting hardware. The Project Tool has a thin stem that flares out at the bottom, which gives it the unique ability to fit the nut tight. This guarantees no slippage and helps to reduce stripping of the mounting hardware. It also snaps apart for comfortable easy storage in your watch pocket.

Project Skateboard Tool in use!
Photo provided by the Charmcity Skatepark

The Project Brand has been around for a bit. It got its start as Universal Hardware. Universal had a clever design allowing you to use either an allen wrench or a phillips head. It's very clear that whomever is the mastermind behind the Project Hardware Brand puts a lot of thought into their products. They aren't just throwing eight bolts in a bag and calling themselves a hardware company. Same goes for the tool and even their promotional commercials. The attached commercial mocking infomercials originally aired in the Charmcity Skatepark's original 2007 video release called "Progress". The video ad is just as clever as Project's product. They take a solid stab at infomercials and it works!

All the Project Brand products are available through Resource Distribution. - Jason Chapman The National Skateboarding Examiner

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